Congratulations to Scott, the winner of our first Vacation Photo Contest! This past summer, Scott, along with his wife and son, took their big annual trip to Iceland, Denmark, and Sweden. Scott describes the Iceland leg of their trip as a photographer’s paradise, with the terrain shifting from black sand beaches to glacier-capped mountain peaks.


“In Iceland, they say you get one nice, sunny day per week.” The day Scott shot this photo, he and his family rented a car for three days and he packed his drone in the trunk. “My wife kept saying ‘pull over, pull over, use your drone!’”


Despite high winds that day, Scott was able to take up his Mavic Air drone to roughly eighty feet high and capture a stunning view of the horizon. “I really love the perspective of the road going off for what seems like infinitely into the distance with the mountains juxtaposed at the end.”

The photo was printed at 24” x 37” and mounted to an Acrylic Facemount. “I’m amazed that this photo blew up that well. I’m always looking at photos on Instagram where it’s a tiny little square and I’m never good at guessing ‘how large will this be able to blow up?’ Apparently, pretty large.”