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Why does picture framing in some cases cost more than art?

The cost of your art in no way relates to the cost of the materials and labor involved in framing the art. From the time you bring in your item for framing until it is completed in our shop by our experienced professionals, the elements included in the “package”- art, frame, glass, mats, etc. – have been handled more than 15 times. Larger sizes of art will require more framing materials, which along with the cost of labor to prepare the materials and assemble them into a finished frame, will dictate the cost involved.

By definition, a custom picture frame is one of a kind. A well-designed, well-made custom frame will last for many more years than most home décor, so the value is worth the time you wish for your art and framing to last.

Of course, we offer a variety of mouldings, matboards, and glass to suit a range of price points. We are happy to give you an

When will my framed art be ready?

We usually give a 2-week turnaround.

Do you offer delivery and/or Installation?

Yes, we do. You can read more here.

What is glazing?

Glazing is a product used to cover the art either glass or acrylic. It is used to protect it from light, dirt, dust, UV rays.

We can use any of the following on most projects: Art glass, Conservation glass, Regular glass, Museum glass, Regular acrylic, UV acrylic, Optium acrylic.

What are floater frames?

Floater frames are specifically designed for stretched canvases to present the illusion of floating. Floater frames are not limited to just stretched canvases but glazing is not used in floater frames.

What are picture framing spacers?

They are 1/8″ or 1/4″ plastic strips that are placed inside the frame that separates the art from the glass.

Can you get wrinkles out of a poster?

If the art is not high value or irreplaceable, dry mounting is our preferred process. Dry mounting is when the art is placed in a vacuum heat press and is permanently adhered to a backing board.

Do you ship out of state?

Yes, we are able to ship out of state. The cost is on a case by case basis.

How are your frames priced & how does the price compare?

We use a computerized, point-of-sale system to price our framing projects. This allows us to give you an exact price that covers all of the components you have selected. By using a computer system, we can focus our efforts on the design of the piece rather than the intricacies of manual pricing. We can also make changes to a design with the computer recalculating the price rather than having to start the process all over again. When we give you a price, it includes all the materials and labor required to complete the job.

We can help you enhance your interior with artwork.


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What People are Saying

“Personable Staff”

“I am a cross-stitcher and make special gifts to celebrate new babies and weddings.  After a year of tedious work on one stitching, I want the best framer possible.  That’s why I have turned to Prints Unlimited Galleries for the past 15+ years.  Everyone there is personable, helpful, and interested in my projects.  Hats off especially to Jill who asks about the babies and couples years after she’s helped me select the right mat and frame for the stitchings.  Recently, she called to say she wasn’t totally happy with framing and would I mind if she worked on it one more day.  The finished product couldn’t have been more perfect.  She cares as much about these gifts as I do.  I would recommend Prints Unlimited for anything you want to be framed perfectly.  And, they are reasonably priced. ”

Judie K.

“Overall A+”

“ Jill was great to work with, I had an autographed jersey framed in a shadow box w/UV glass.  She was helpful via email, in the beginning, to nail down a quote, and the price stayed consistent throughout.  She presented some different options once I came into the store but was never pushy about upselling.  Overall A+ experience and one of the cheaper options I received.”

Matt R.

“Excellent Service”

“ Great place to go for all your custom framing needs. I learned about them from my decorator. I needed several (over 20 photos) and artwork framed and plaques created for my home. They did an excellent job with all. In addition, the customer service is great. They are responsive and did not try to oversell me on options. I worked primarily with Jill but Bunnie and Adam were also always helpful and professional when I stopped by. I’ll definitely be back!”

Hyacinth B.

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