Custom picture framing is a great way to memorialize those big life accomplishments. We knew this was one of those special projects when local couple Rich and Megan consulted with us on the photos and mementos from the 2018 Bank of America Chicago Marathon that they ran. “This was our first time working with Prints Unlimited. We walk by it all the time and needed the marathon frame done, so we just stopped in.”

Megan convinced Rich to run his first marathon after completing four or five of her own. Despite the difficulty of this challenge, he rose to it and they completed the marathon together. Rich ran in the marathon as a charity run for Chicago’s Mercy Home and raised $1,600. After completing the marathon Rich described feeling “mentally great” though it was a more challenging run than he expected. “This may be my first and last marathon, which is why it was important to frame this from the one we ran together.”

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The items are sewn down or secured under the mat.

The framed mementos include Rich and Megan’s finishing medals. This was the first time she had one of her medals custom framed, so both Rich and Megan were open book when it came to know how they wanted the framing done. “We had photos purchased from running the marathon and the medals. We had no idea what to do with them. Adam walked us through from start to finish which was great. They helped us choose options for the frame, the mats we could use, and how everything would fit. We spent a lot of time talking about it.”

The work that went into the overall custom framing included the placement of the medals and attached ribbon as well as the placement of the tracking numbers they wore. The ribbons were sewn down and the medals were slightly raised from the mat to give depth, but also to secure them from moving around. In turn, we preserved and secured the tags by sinking the trackers into the backboard. The final result was a clean, flush collection of the most important mementos from their shared experience. “Overall this was a really positive experience and the framing came out great.”